The View from 800km

OMPS Total Ozone

Science Highlights

  • Movement of African Dust

    The clearing of agricultural land by fire to prepare for the growing season is well underway in sub-Saharan African and ...

    27 JUL
  • Alaskan Smoke in Motion

    Here's an animation of the smoke from Alaska traveling clockwise around the North Pole to just east of Greenland ...

    15 JUL
  • Smoke From North America, 13 July 2015

    The fires in Canada and Alaska continue to burn, and they continue to produce a lot of smoke. Here's ...

    14 JUL

Spacecraft & Data Updates

  • SACS Now Uses OMPS near real-time data

    We have a new customer for our OMPS near real-time data: the European Space Agency's Support for Aviation Control ...

    19 DEC
  • OMPS at the 2014 Fall AGU Meeting

    Suomi NPP completed 3 years in orbit this past October, and OMPS will have completed 3 years of data taking ...

    12 DEC
  • LP Version 2 Data Release

    OMPS Limb Profiler (LP) Version 2 data products are now available. These products include daily files containing individual ozone profiles ...

    29 JUL